8 Key Steps To Break Into Tech After 30 (2023)

If you’re like lots of my friends, you might feel like tech is only for high school students Snapchatting and Vine-ing their lives away. Or you might think that only 17-year-old wunderkids can be successful in a startup. But it’s never too late to get a career in tech. I made the switch in my mid-40’s, and I’m happier than ever with my career now.

Of course you need specific tech skills to get a career in tech, but you can get those skills faster than you think and you can land plenty of fulfilling, high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree in Computer Science.

But what else can you do to get going in tech if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, or even 90’s? Try out these 8 tips to make your way into a career in tech regardless of your birth year.

Table of Contents

  1. Start small
  2. Build your network
  3. Get into social media
  4. Forget your age
  5. Update your application
  6. Connect your past to your future
  7. Consider flexible work
  8. Be confident, but humble

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8 Key Steps To Break Into Tech After 30 (2)

Worried you’re TOO old to make a career change into tech? Think again! Career Expert and Workplace Futurist, Kerry Hannon, says even if you’re in your 50s, 60s, or beyond, it’s never too late to make a career change.

In this webinar Skillcrush CEO Adda Birnir speaks to Kerry about how to approach a career transition later in your career.", "thumbnailUrl": "https://d1le3ohiuslpz1.cloudfront.net/skillcrush/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Kerry-Hannon-1.png", "uploadDate": "2023-04-26", "duration": "PT58M55S", "contentUrl": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO02JxMieug"}

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1. Start small

Even though you might be looking to do a major job overhaul or a complete career change, you don’t have to do it all overnight. Take it bit by bit instead. For example, you can look for tech-related tasks to do at your current job or you can do a small freelance project like a creating a landing page for your writer friend or helping with a plug-in for a local business’s WordPress site. Whether you get paid for the work or do the project pro bono, you’ll be filling your portfolio and boosting your confidence.

2. Build your network

Making connections in the tech world can be especially important when you’re trying to break into an industry. That means you’ll need put yourself out there, but it doesn’t mean it has to be awkward or difficult. In fact, you can have a great time meeting like-minded people and gaining more skills by going to tech meet-ups, attending conferences and seminars, and participating in online communities.

And don’t forget that, as someone who’s had some kind of career life for a few years at least, you already know lots of people professionally. And, no matter what industry you’ve been in, you’re sure to find “techies” among your contacts.

If you’re worried that you’ll be eldest person in the room at a tech meetup, don’t sweat it! You’ll bring your experience from other fields to the table, and besides, surrounding yourself with coders of all ages is a great way to find inspiration.

3. Get into social media

Hanging out on Facebook or tweeting all day long might not be your “thing”—and it doesn’t have to become your way of life. But social media is a major hub in the tech world for making connections and sharing information. (I speak from experience here. When I saw a fellow Skillcrush alum tweeting about her career change, I got inspired to finally take action on making the switch myself.)

You can take advantage of the open tech conversations all over social media by following some Twitter lists and joining tech-related Facebook groups. Feel free to simply follow along with the conversations in the beginning. Then, as you get to know the people and find more areas of interest, you can become an active part of the communities and take advantage of the contacts and information that can boost your tech career.

4. Forget your age

You might feel concerned about not being the youngest person on the team, but all that really matters is that you can do the job and that you’re a fit for the company. So, there’s no need to refer to your age (even jokingly) or to overcompensate for it. If you don’t make a big deal about how old you are, then potential employers shouldn’t either. And, if they do, that’s just not the kind of place you want to work anyhow, is it? You can tell them to go watch The Intern!

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5. Update your application

One way to avoid pointless discussion of your age is to update your resume. For example, you can (and probably should!) leave your very earliest positions off if they’re not directly relevant to the new job you’re applying for.

And you should make sure you’re up on the latest trends in applying for jobs like email cover letters.

These updates to your job search are important both because you’ll have new skills to show off in your resume and cover letter and because the job application process has probably changed since you last applied for a position. Submitting application materials in keeping with the times shows that you’re up to date on all the important trends in the industry.

6. Connect your past to your future

Just because you’re following a new path now doesn’t mean you have to forget the road behind you. Find out how you can apply what you’ve learned and done before to what you’re aiming for in tech.

I was able to combine my first career in customer service and my second career in language education with tech skills to create a career in tech that I love. You can do the same by considering all your skills that are transferable and emphasizing them when applying for and interviewing for jobs in tech.


7. Consider flexible work

In the same way that you can take baby steps to get experience in tech, you can also take on different types of work in the industry to segue into the job you want. While there are plenty of 9-to-5, location-based jobs in tech, there are also project-based, freelancing, part-time, and remote options galore. If you find some that fit, employers will appreciate your flexibility, and you’ll get the great perks of a flexible job and the opportunity to test your new tech wings in a less drastic setting (think: no bean bags and Converse sneakers for 10 hours a day!).

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8. Be confident but humble

You’ve already built at least one career, and now you’re working hard to get a new one. You’ve got plenty to be proud of, so don’t doubt yourself. And don’t let your fears keep you from going for what you want.

At the same time, you should be prepared to start at the beginning when you make the leap into tech. You’ll most likely be in a junior position in the beginning, but junior jobs can be terrific– and high-paying! Just enjoy the work, keep learning, and look out for all the opportunities that will definitely be coming your way in your new career in tech.

Take it from me, you can absolutely start a successful new career in tech, even if your high school prom photo includes things like a perm and blue eyeshadow…or even a poodle skirt! ;)

8 Key Steps To Break Into Tech After 30 (3)

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You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals

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8 Key Steps To Break Into Tech After 30 (4)


What is the easiest way to break into tech? ›

How Do I Start a Tech Career?
  1. Earn a College Degree. To break into the tech field, you'll want to earn at least a bachelor's degree. ...
  2. Build on Your Experience. ...
  3. Explore Certifications. ...
  4. Showcase Your Technical Skills. ...
  5. Develop Soft Skills. ...
  6. Work with a Career Advisor. ...
  7. Open Yourself to Lifelong Learning.
Jun 15, 2023

How to get a job in tech at 30? ›

  1. Start small. Even though you might be looking to do a major job overhaul or a complete career change, you don't have to do it all overnight. ...
  2. Build your network. ...
  3. Get into social media. ...
  4. Forget your age. ...
  5. Update your application. ...
  6. Connect your past to your future. ...
  7. Consider flexible work. ...
  8. Be confident but humble.

What skills do I need to break into tech? ›

The key technical skills required can vary, but the most important skill needed is knowing how to code. You can learn through online courses or bootcamps, or get a traditional degree in computer science. Other skills might include project management, communication, and an eye for functionality.

Is 40 too old for tech? ›

“Is it too late for me to make a career change into tech after 40, 50, or even 60?” This is a question we hear at Skillcrush all the time, from people of all ages. The short answer is that no matter what your age, you absolutely still have time to begin a fulfilling and lucrative career in tech.

Is 34 too late to start a career? ›

No one is too old for starting over. You can find a job that makes you happy and fulfilled. Depending on your age, you may have 35 years or more of work ahead of you.

How do I get into it with no experience? ›

7 Tips for Getting Into IT With Zero Experience
  1. Re-examine and Apply Your Past Experience to the IT Industry. ...
  2. Earn Industry Certifications. ...
  3. Your Degree in Another Field May Be a Huge Asset. ...
  4. Be Open to Starting at the Bottom. ...
  5. Don't Forget the Power of Networking. ...
  6. Learn Relevant Tech Skills and Gain Experience.

Is 35 too old to become a software engineer? ›

Certainly not! Lots of people have learned to code at 35 or older. The tech industry has a lot of demand for developers. Software engineering is also one of the best prospects for building wealth as you don't need a college degree to become a Software Developer.

Which field is best at age of 30? ›

Best Careers to Transition into at 30
CareerJob OutlookAverage Salary
Web Developer13%$77,200
Financial Analyst6%$83,660
Physician Assistant31%$115,390
1 more row
Oct 12, 2022

Is it hard to get tech job with no experience? ›

On the other end of the spectrum, you might have read that it's impossible to get your foot in the door of the tech industry—and that even entry-level tech jobs require years of previous experience or a relevant college degree. In reality, this is just not true.

What is the hardest to find tech skills? ›

The most hard to find tech skills
  • Integration Architecture – 70 days.
  • Distributed Computing – 69 days.
  • Information Architecture – 68 days.
  • Apache Kafka – 66 days.
  • Web Services Security – 63 days.
  • Salesforce Integration – 62 days.
  • Cloud Computing – 62 days.
Dec 1, 2016

What is the hottest tech skill? ›

Read on!
  1. Basic programming. Programming basics is a frequent in-demand skill even among non-tech jobs. ...
  2. Low-code platforms. Gartner predicts that by 2024, 65% of all software development activity will be low code. ...
  3. UI/UX design. ...
  4. Data engineering. ...
  5. Data visualization. ...
  6. Video editing. ...
  7. CRMs. ...
  8. Product management.

How do I start my tech journey? ›

  1. Apply for a tech job in a field you have experience in. ...
  2. Get your foot in the door with a non-technical role at a tech company. ...
  3. Showcase your soft skills. ...
  4. Reverse engineer your skill set. ...
  5. Revamp (or start) your LinkedIn profile. ...
  6. Do an internship. ...
  7. Volunteer. ...
  8. Start a side gig.
Mar 15, 2023

Is 39 too old to start a new career? ›

Yes, it is possible to start a new career at 40 — or 50, or 60, for that matter. It might take some extra effort, but it's never too late to set new personal goals and professional goals and live a life that feels meaningful.

Is 50 too old for cyber security? ›

We had the pleasure of educating many people who started working in the industry in their 40s and 50s. They are excellent candidates for cybersecurity jobs because, with age comes valuable experience.

What age is too late for career? ›

No matter your age, there is always something new you can learn. If you're motivated and passionate enough about what you want to do, it's never too late to embark on a new career path.

How can I break into tech without a tech degree? ›

There are several ways to break into tech without a degree. Bootcamps, certifications, and standalone courses are all options for aspiring professionals seeking tech careers. Bootcamps teach you industry skills and knowledge to pursue tech roles.

How to become tech savvy fast? ›

6 Ways to Become More Tech Savvy
  1. When in Doubt, Google It Out. Chances are, if you're confused about or have questions regarding something, then someone else has also been confused by the same thing or had the same question. ...
  2. Take a Course on It. ...
  3. Patient Practice Makes Perfect. ...
  4. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help. ...
  5. Start Small.
May 15, 2023

How do I start a tech company with no experience? ›

Checklist for Launching A Tech Startup
  1. Idea and Brand. First, you need to have an idea for a product or service that you want to provide. ...
  2. Market and Customers. ...
  3. Team. ...
  4. Funds. ...
  5. Know What You Are. ...
  6. Use Technology and Productivity Tools. ...
  7. Develop A Solid Business Plan. ...
  8. Build A Great Team.
Nov 16, 2022

How do I move from non tech to tech role? ›

Major technologies mentioned here are for SDE roles, but these will also help you if you're interested in some other IT domains.
  1. Computer Fundamentals. ...
  2. Programming Languages. ...
  3. OOPS. ...
  4. DSA. ...
  5. Practice Practice Practice. ...
  6. Projects. ...
  7. Build a Tech Resume. ...
  8. Aptitude and Reasoning.
Feb 2, 2023


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